What’s this thing about, anyhow?

So, is the first post ‘posed to be a “explain yourself and what I’m here for” kinda thing? Hopefully, cause no one answered my question so that’s a whats I’m doin. Allow me to rebegin… (yes I just made that word up)

Hello dearest readers, this blog is for sister missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (to find out more click on ) and whoever may reap bountiful benefits from the upcoming posts.

Ok, but really, my name is Klarissa, and I’m creating this blog so all beautiful future missionaries can get the need-to-know in one place. That’s right-the work has been done for you! (no, the preparatory work, not the real missionary work)!! :0 (Insert congratulatory pat on the back and applause here). I hereby promise to tell you all that I know without using hashtags, @ signs, tbt’s, wcw’s, mcm’s, sneaky catches, personal vendettas, and did I mention hashtags. Now that’s a pretty big deal these days.

When I received my mission call (to JAMAICA!!:D more on that later…), I was overwhelmed with all that I needed to do-not knowing all that I needed to do, if that made sense. So I scoured/am scouring all the websites and blogs and books and Pinterest boards and magazines this lovely universe has to offer, and, let me tell you, THERE IS PLENTY OF INFORMATION. There is so much awesomely helpful material out there and now, I’m gonna sum it all up on here. Why? Because I was so grateful for all the wonderful people that put their knowledge out there and saved my skin that I couldn’t help doing it for someone else. And, if I’m being completely honest, it even sounds like fun.
Let’s get to business.


Click on “About Me” if you’d like to know them juicy details.


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