Where to Shop as a Sister Missionary

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Let’s kick it.

Alright, lesss be honest. The first thing you thought after the initial shock of your call was “WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO WEAR?” It’s okay, I know the feelings. (Funny, I didn’t mean to put the s at the end of feeling, but I think I’ll leave it there).

Well, I’ve learned way too much about clothes to fit it all in one post. Our poor fingers can only scroll down so much. So, I’ll break it up for ya.

First of all, sister missionaries really don’t look like this:

I seriously google imaged "sister missionary" and this is what it came up with. too good, too good

I seriously google imaged “sister missionary” and this is what it came up with. too good, too good


don't ask

don’t ask


no this is not me

no this is not me


source: missionary.lds.org

source: missionary.lds.org


source: sistermissionarymallcom

source: sistermissionarymall.com


That’s this ladies and gents. Well, probably just ladies. HERE is a swanky, full, comprehensive, and a complete-to-my-{extensive}-knowledge list of places to shop (downloadable one at the bottom). Yes, there are this many places to get appropriate and stankin cute sis mish clothes. Now tell me to shh and get on with it already…




Everything listed sells at a decent price { shirts $12-$40, skirts $25-$60, dresses $30-$65} unless otherwise noted.

Listed semi in order from my personal favorite to least (but I like them all or they wouldn’t be on here!!)



  • Asos – it’s sayin sumthin if this is the first one that comes to mind-yeah it’s that darn good. Perfect skirts and dresses galore.
  • Dorothy Perkins- shirts shirts and shirts. that’s all. Well that’s not all but that’s what I like most about them.
  • Modcloth – great for shirts, skirts, shoes, possibly dresses.
  • Sorella Bella (sistermissionaryclothes.com) – Designed just for sister missionaries! They have halftees, REVERSIBLE SKIRTS, split slips, microfiber towels, water bottle filters, bike light, stickers; need I say more. Check it out.
  • Jen Clothing* – LDS owned. Even has a special section for us missionaries. Email them and ask if they do a discount for sister missionaries, cause I’m pretty sure they do. I just placed my order before I knew itL
  • Modest Pop* – blah! (that was a good blah) So cute. AND they have this super sweet t-shirt that says ‘go & do’ and you should probably just go & do and get one already. 15% discount for missionaries.
  • Lularoe – Way cute skirts and dresses.
  • Winsome Jones – cute everything. FYI, I couldn’t find a size chart online so I emailed and asked; they said a S is 0-4, M is 4-6, L is 6-10, XL is 10-12. If you have a question on a specific item email them and they will help youJ
  • Mode-sty – shirts and skirts all modest. Not that the title implied that one or anything.
  • Modest Closet – smaller selection but, as always, cute cute
  • Sammy Dress – China wholesale. Hit & miss but great for everything, especially jewelry. very cheap prices.
  • Shabby Apple – little pricey, didn’t get anything from here personally but definitely looked at it. Cute everythings.
  • Etsy – search midi skirts. Works wonders.
  • Eshakti – tailoring. the end.
  • Bohme – some duper cute stuff. Found one of my fav shirts there-a short-sleeved chambray. If you know what im talkin bout, you know what im talkin bout, and you’d kill for that shirt too, except for it’s against the commandments.
  • Chic Wish – hit and miss, but some way cute skirts
  • New Look – skirts and dresses
  • Sheinside – skirts, shirts, dresses, very cheap
  • Dress Corrilyn– pricier and smaller selection but oh so cute
  • L.L. Bean – shirts-sporty ones without the super casual look for hot climates.
  • Land’s End – skirts
  • EBay – endless possibilities
  • Amazon – see EBay
  • Delia’s –  didn’t find a ton of things, but, if you’re like me, it’s worth a try
  • Zappos – cheap prices on name brands. Huge selection
  • 6 pm – see Zappos
  • Overstock – huge selection, cheap
  • Express – all the likes. Little pricier.
  • Ezibuy – hit and miss, cheap


Online and In Person

  • Sister Missionary Mall – don’t put it off cause you think they won’t have cute stuff there- they do, amazingly so. Like, go there first. Good shoes too (minus the typical sister missionary ones).
  • Mikarose* – thumbs up for everything sister missionary, will also give you a 15% discount.
  • H&M – pretty much love this place. Skirts, shirts, accessories, and shoes
  • Old Navy – shirts
  • My Sister’s Closet – definitely one of my go to’s. Maybe because it fulfills a small part of the hole in my heart I have from having no sisters but hey…it’s all the same. And I love my brothers, just not their clothes.
  • DownEast Basics – do I need to explain this one? Typical Utah store, has everything.
  • Cherry Lane Boutique* – cute! That is all.
  • Latter Day Sister Missionary – REVERSIBLE SKIRTS $43-$67, customizable on site. Uh, killer deal.
  • Anthropologie – super pricey but so dang cute
  • J. Crew – same as Anthropologie. Why oh why retailer gods??
  • Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack – this is my review. If you’re reading it, good on you, cause I’ve done enough writing for one day and you’ve probably done enough reading. Get shopping!!
  • Gap – pricy, but cute
  • Ruche, Forever 21, Papaya, Charlotte Russe, Rue 21 – hit and miss, but some dang good finds
  • Sexy Modest Boutique – don’t judge a store buy its name. Good on everything.
  • Walmart – yup, I said it. But their Bella Bird clothing line isn’t too shabby.
  • Kohls – expect great things. Jk that’s just their slogan. Never know though, you could make them live up to it.
  • Dillards – do I need to explain?
  • Shopko – see above
  • Target –  see above
  • Macys – see above
  • JCPenneys – see above


In Person

  • Cozy Fashion – super cute everything. Cardigans in all colors
  • Lemon Ice – some KILLER skirts. got two of my favs here
  • Urban Trends – tute = totally cute.
  • Plato’s Closet – gently used, discounted items. Worth it.
  • Your closet – well let’s hope its pretty much all mission appropriate.
  • Your friends closet – just blame it on their little sister. Or your other friend. Or, I guess, ctr
  • Your grandma’s closet – hey, it doesn’t hurt to try.
  • $20 in yo pocket? – thrift stores (Goodwill, DI). But seriously, good finds here.
  • Also, Ross, TJ Maxx,- Good deals. I got shirts and a pair of shoes from Ross and shoes and good p-day/exercise wear from TJ Maxx, sign up for TJ Maxx’s rewards card, save a bunch of money on your first purchase, then call and cancel the card. Worth it to me haha. Also the checkout lady was very convincing.


*these stores carry some similar/identical items, so find the one with the best price (remember discounts)!



click above to download a Word version of this document!

If you have any other places you have been, comment!! Thank you kindly.



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