101 Valued Verses for Missionaries

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I never realized how many wonderful scriptures there are that talk about our calling as missionaries of God. So I decided to make a list of them for you!! I seriously had 200 before I narrowed it down to 101. So let’s get to it. These are all such great scriptures and I hope you enjoy them!!!

101 Valued Verses for Missionaries

Or here is a smaller version that you could fit in your scriptures!

Sm 101 Valued Verses for Missionaries

What are your favorite missionary scriptures?


Source: Shauna Humphries 100 Favorite Verses for Missionaries


Pre-Addressed Envelopes & Ready-Made Return Address Labels

photo 2 (3).JPGI don’t want to fall off the face of the earth to half my family and friends when I leave on my mission. I want to write them cause, well, that’d be cool. And even though it may be harder, hand written letters are cooler than emails. There, I said it.

But, I’m the type of person that sometimes lacks initiative. And I would like to be as prepared as I can, even if it’s silly.

So, solution to both of these.


Pre-Addressed Envelopes

You are welcome Robert J. DeBry for the free advertising.

I just took a box of envelopes and addressed them to everyone I want to write while I’m gone (and didn’t even get to everyone yet!) Cause, let’s face it, when you already have a pre-made envelope, it’s just that much easier.

I also took a 3×5 card and wrote birthdays on there so I can remind myself to remind other people when they are another year older. So there are multiple envelopes addressed to the same person.

ALSO, you can print return address labels for those lovely envelopes. Vistaprint  offers lots and lots of designs for around $5 (also makes any other kind of sticker you want to make for $3:), or you can make them yourself. Buy Avery labels at Walmart or wherever you want, download a template from here and print them off right at home!!

You know I’ve thought of pretty much everything when it gets down to this.

This whole thing is way too simple to talk about anymore. Tot ziens.

88 Tips & Tricks for Doing Your Hair on Your Mission + free download

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Anyone else looking forward to limited time to do something cute, socially/personally acceptable, and appropriate to your hair everyday? (Especially if you’re going somewhere hot and humid like me?) Uh, no.

Simple + pretty updo tutorial

Have no fear, the hair queen is here. Actually I’m not a hair queen, I just said that because it rhymed. Really I’m just a regular ol’ gal: I can do my hair but don’t expect to look like I just finished up my Vogue shot everyday (I just do that on the weekends). There I go, lying again. Bad habit.

But who wants to spend forever on their hair in the mornings? Not me, and definitely not when I have souls to get out and save.

Hence, 88 tips and tricks for cute hairdos (including some fun accessories and hair treatments) all nice and tidied up in printable format, with pictures of course. No more worrying about that hair!!!!!! (Praise the real hair queen, wherever she may be.)

88 Tips & Tricks for Doing Your Hair on Your Mission

Then, then, then, you can print them off and cut them out and put them in a little notebook like me, all sectionalized for easy flipping and everything, or do whatever!

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Just be inspired by the lovely source I call Pinterest and all the new ideas you now have in your brainy brain brain.

Follow my hair board on Pinterest for more ideas!

How to Prepare to Enter the Temple

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“Let us prepare every missionary to go to the temple worthily and to make that experience an even greater highlight than receiving the mission call.” –Pres. Howard W. Hunter

Say whaa? I think sometimes, actually, too often, going through the temple is overlooked in the hustle and bustle of getting ready for your mission. As exciting as it is, going on a mission is not a prerequisite for the celestial kingdom but temple ordinances are. It is a very, very important, exciting, serious, wonderful, beautiful day as you make sacred covenants and promises in the house of the Lord.

Before I went through the temple to receive my endowment (not take out my endowments), I heard lots of things about what to expect. “It’s a lot to take in”, “You’ll feel like a deer in headlights”, “It’s like trying to take a drink out of a fire hose”, and then “It’s nothing you haven’t heard before”, “Don’t worry about remembering everything”, “It’s the neatest thing ever”. Yes and amen to especially the last three, but the fact is that it’s different for everyone. And a lot of what people had to say, honestly, gave me a lot to think (worry) about.

Truth is friends, don’t think or worry at all. Because it is a new experience, don’t go in expecting to know how it works. Comforting news is, there is always some sweet sister (or brother) there to help you and they’ll know it’s your first time. DON’T WORRY. In fact, worrying is quite overrated when you really think about what you’re doing.

And I haven’t even gotten to my main point yet! Here it is: spiritual maturity should precede temple worthiness. That is what I would say to anyone preparing to enter the temple. How do you become spiritually mature? Those precious (not primary) answers we already embrace. Study the scriptures with all your heart, really talk to God as your friend (Exodus 33:11), and seek and yearn for the Spirit with an innermost desire. Spiritual preparation is key prior to entering the temple. I believe that the more spiritually mature you are, the more rich and rewarding will be your experience.

So let me sum this all up and add some other pointers:



  • Realize it is one of the most important days of your life, more so than the day you opened your mission call.
  • Talk to church leaders, friends, family members who have gone before. Ask them whatever. They will tell you all they can while keeping sacred things sacred.
  • Don’t stress about it.
  • Be spiritually mature by being spiritually prepared
  • Study this list of things from Elder Russell M. Nelson’s Personal Preparation for Temple Blessings in the April 2001 General Conference. He says: “Spiritual preparation is enhanced by study, I like to recommend that members going to the temple for the first time read short explanatory paragraphs in the Bible Dictionary, listed under seven topics: “Anoint”, “Atonement”, “Christ”, “Covenant”, “Fall of Adam”, “Sacrifices”, and “Temple”. Doing so will provide a firm foundation.”
  • Read Boyd K. Packers’ The Holy Temple
  • If possible, attend temple prep classes.
  • Do all of these pointers.
  • Be so excited!!!

Congrats on your big day, embrace it with all of your heart, and go again and again as much as you can.

Love, Klair

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Print on sticky notes – great for scriptures!

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Any one else with this problem?


shucks&darn – papers EVERYWHERE

Anyone? My scripture inserts are either always falling out (and I don’t want to lose them) or getting in the way (sometimes this makes me want to lose them). Well, SOLUTION!



The best way I have found to put quotes etc. in your scriptures is to first put them on STICKY NOTES. Movable, so they won’t always be in your way, but stickable, so they won’t fall out, AND transferrable, so you can put it by another scripture or in your new set of scriptures. Yeah, we’re talking major win-win, no-brainer, go-to kinda thing. But who wants to write all puny on all those sticky notes? NO ONE.

Therefore, here is: HOW TO PRINT ON STICKY NOTES.

Way cool, if you ask me. And super easy.

Here’s two downloadables, if that’s a word. WordPress just told me it wasn’t. Darn. Get over it, wordpress.

print on sticky notes template

print on sticky notes

First, download the template and print it off. This will serve as a guide of where to stick your sticky notes. When you print it off and put your sticky notes in the boxes provided, it will look something like this.

stickies on template

Then, use the 2nd downloadable to type in whatever it is you want on your sticky notes.

It will look blank at first, but I promise it’s not.

blank print on sticky notes

what the what? kinda scam is this. LIAR! LIAR! YOU LIED TO ME!!! 😦

Click by where your sticky notes would be and you will see an invisible text box! (I got rid of the outlines so it wouldn’t be printing off on your sticky notes)

can print on sticky notes

Oh I see (Tarzan voice). Sorry I ever doubted you

Type away your lovely saying in one or all of the six provided boxes.

just keep typing just keep typing

just keep typing just keep typing

Put your template paper with the sticky notes on it in your printer. (Figure out which way it has to go, my goes face down bottom towards me but every printer is different). And tell it to print!! It should come out like this:

finished product

And now you are free to take off the sticky notes and put them in your scriptures, or wherever you want them! Make sense? Repeat for more fun! I’m tellin ya, do it!

Happy sticky-note printing!!