18 Ways to Beat the Heat When Serving Your Mission in a Hot Climate

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In 2 days, I leave for the MTC. After just 12 short days, I’ll fly out to the Jamaica Kingston Mission. And I’m stoked.

Here’s the deal, I totally thought no way was I going somewhere hot and humid (like my brother who just got home) because I HATED sweating and all that nasty stuff. I loved winter and fall. Not that I didn’t love summer, I just thought 3 months out of the year enough. Then I got called to Jamaica – tropical, humidity at 80%+, 75-85 degrees, summer all year round. AND IT WAS PERFECT. I totally didn’t care that I didn’t get called to Alaska. Jamaica’s for me, I know it without even being there yet. GO HUMIDITY!!! ❤

But I have learned some things about how to die a little less in the heat. So, here’s

18 Ways to Beat the Heat When Serving Your Mission in a Hot Climate

1. Don’t take shirts you have to layer under.     It’s totally possible to find cute shirts that aren’t see through and require an undershirt. Check this out for some examples of what I got and this out for a complete list of where to shop.

2. Don’t take too many dark colors.     I think we all know this – dark colors absorb more of the sun’s heat.

3. Put on deodorant AT NIGHT and in the morning.     (Let the salts absorb and start working while you’re sleeping.)

4. Wear men’s deoderant.     :0 that’s what I said-it’s the same exact thing, just stronger.

5. Bring a bandana/cloth of some sort or two to wipe off some sweat when you’re out walking.

6. If you’re going to wear foundation – make it powder, liquid will just slide off. I’ve found THE BEST foundation right here, L’oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder that applies like a liquid but feels and stays on like powder. TIS MY FAV.

7. If you’re going to wear mascara – make it waterproof.     My fav? Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Waterproof Mascara. Stays on like a champ and makes your lashes extra long. BONUS: for a more natural look and to not worry one bit about black getting all over your eyes: clear mascara. I love this one.

8. Get some oil blotting sheets that will get rid of that excess shine but not remove your makeup.

9. Lots of sunscreen, make sure you get a good chapstick with sunscreen.

10. Carry a little makeup bag around with you with deoderant, makeup to touch up, etc.

11. DRINK WATER. LOTS.     Ok, one of my absolute fav things – I found a MISTING WATER BOTTLE at WalMart and I tried to find a link for you guys but couldn’t. (Here’s a link to a misting fan though.) But look for one of those. Drink, mist, drink, mist, drink, mist, drink, mist. Yeah, absolutely worth the money a million times over.

12. Take a mini fan(s).     I took a handheld fan and a necklace fan to California in June and they were heaven. Once again, no links (boo WalMart) but I found a couple similar ones here and here (this one really cool – it mists too!). I’m also taking a small desk fan, found here.

13. Maybe try out those neck coolers kinda like this. Haha hey, comfort and hydration before style.

14. GARMENTS – I have researched this and researched this and researched this. What’s the answer? Personal preference really. I would dare venture, however, that the best garment material for hot weather is either mesh or dri-lux (I mean, that’s what the dri-lux was made for.) But you won’t die if you’re in love with another kind and want to take it. My fav is a spandex bottom and a dri-lux top and that’s the majority of what I plan on wearing. I’m taking mesh and a few other fabrics too though. So that’s that!

15. Use Febreeze instead of perfume.     It eliminates odor better and is less sticky.

16. Don’t over pack on the necklaces and other jewelry – you’ll probably not wear a ton when it’s way hot anyway.

17. Baby powder.   So those shoes don’t smell so bad.

18. To remove armpit stains: Sorry for potentially grossing you out, but every time I see a boyfriend's collection of sweaty, armpit stained undershirts, I always ask myself if there is a way to get rid of those ugly stains without having to purchase packs and packs of shirts. Voila!


I’m trying to think if there’s anything else I’ve learned but I think that’s all; if I think of any I’ll add em. Pretty much, if you’re like me and would have preferred the cold til you totally fell in love with the place: just embrace it!  You’re so lucky. Comment with any other tips for serving in the heat and/or humidity!!