18 Ways to Beat the Heat When Serving Your Mission in a Hot Climate

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In 2 days, I leave for the MTC. After just 12 short days, I’ll fly out to the Jamaica Kingston Mission. And I’m stoked.

Here’s the deal, I totally thought no way was I going somewhere hot and humid (like my brother who just got home) because I HATED sweating and all that nasty stuff. I loved winter and fall. Not that I didn’t love summer, I just thought 3 months out of the year enough. Then I got called to Jamaica – tropical, humidity at 80%+, 75-85 degrees, summer all year round. AND IT WAS PERFECT. I totally didn’t care that I didn’t get called to Alaska. Jamaica’s for me, I know it without even being there yet. GO HUMIDITY!!! ❤

But I have learned some things about how to die a little less in the heat. So, here’s

18 Ways to Beat the Heat When Serving Your Mission in a Hot Climate

1. Don’t take shirts you have to layer under.     It’s totally possible to find cute shirts that aren’t see through and require an undershirt. Check this out for some examples of what I got and this out for a complete list of where to shop.

2. Don’t take too many dark colors.     I think we all know this – dark colors absorb more of the sun’s heat.

3. Put on deodorant AT NIGHT and in the morning.     (Let the salts absorb and start working while you’re sleeping.)

4. Wear men’s deoderant.     :0 that’s what I said-it’s the same exact thing, just stronger.

5. Bring a bandana/cloth of some sort or two to wipe off some sweat when you’re out walking.

6. If you’re going to wear foundation – make it powder, liquid will just slide off. I’ve found THE BEST foundation right here, L’oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder that applies like a liquid but feels and stays on like powder. TIS MY FAV.

7. If you’re going to wear mascara – make it waterproof.     My fav? Maybelline Illegal Length Fiber Extensions Waterproof Mascara. Stays on like a champ and makes your lashes extra long. BONUS: for a more natural look and to not worry one bit about black getting all over your eyes: clear mascara. I love this one.

8. Get some oil blotting sheets that will get rid of that excess shine but not remove your makeup.

9. Lots of sunscreen, make sure you get a good chapstick with sunscreen.

10. Carry a little makeup bag around with you with deoderant, makeup to touch up, etc.

11. DRINK WATER. LOTS.     Ok, one of my absolute fav things – I found a MISTING WATER BOTTLE at WalMart and I tried to find a link for you guys but couldn’t. (Here’s a link to a misting fan though.) But look for one of those. Drink, mist, drink, mist, drink, mist, drink, mist. Yeah, absolutely worth the money a million times over.

12. Take a mini fan(s).     I took a handheld fan and a necklace fan to California in June and they were heaven. Once again, no links (boo WalMart) but I found a couple similar ones here and here (this one really cool – it mists too!). I’m also taking a small desk fan, found here.

13. Maybe try out those neck coolers kinda like this. Haha hey, comfort and hydration before style.

14. GARMENTS – I have researched this and researched this and researched this. What’s the answer? Personal preference really. I would dare venture, however, that the best garment material for hot weather is either mesh or dri-lux (I mean, that’s what the dri-lux was made for.) But you won’t die if you’re in love with another kind and want to take it. My fav is a spandex bottom and a dri-lux top and that’s the majority of what I plan on wearing. I’m taking mesh and a few other fabrics too though. So that’s that!

15. Use Febreeze instead of perfume.     It eliminates odor better and is less sticky.

16. Don’t over pack on the necklaces and other jewelry – you’ll probably not wear a ton when it’s way hot anyway.

17. Baby powder.   So those shoes don’t smell so bad.

18. To remove armpit stains: Sorry for potentially grossing you out, but every time I see a boyfriend's collection of sweaty, armpit stained undershirts, I always ask myself if there is a way to get rid of those ugly stains without having to purchase packs and packs of shirts. Voila!


I’m trying to think if there’s anything else I’ve learned but I think that’s all; if I think of any I’ll add em. Pretty much, if you’re like me and would have preferred the cold til you totally fell in love with the place: just embrace it!  You’re so lucky. Comment with any other tips for serving in the heat and/or humidity!!





280+ Easy Recipes for Your Mission (Free Printable!)

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Any else have to depend upon themselves the majority of the time to find food?

😦 Me too. I might starve. All I’ll be eating in Jamaica is avocados the size of your face and fruit (mango) smoothies. And I’m ok with that.

But maybe to get a little more well-rounded diet, I gathered some pretty easy peesy recipes of all sorts that I’m gonna use and you can too! There are three 3×5 recipes on each page so you can print them as is or have them be in a recipe box!

Warning: You may be like holy cow is there enough avocado and mango recipes on here??? Well, that’s what’s in Jamaica and I’m gonna be eating a lot of them!!!! If you aren’t, sorry. (Not sorry that you have to have so many recipes sorry that you can’t use them:) I LOVE avocados and mangoes (is that how you spell that?) and any fruit for that matter.

Here ya go!!

280+ Easy Recipes

O yes, also, at the end there’s a few pages (not 3×5) of smoothies and other stuff that I got off a website just like that aaand I did not exactly go through all of them so, if one calls for like vodka or somethin, don’t look at me.

Bye lovelies.



200+ Workouts for Your Mission (free download)

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Yay!!! I feel like I say that word a lot but, I’m excited!!! Here are 38 pages worth of workouts for you! All are self-explanatory, most are visual, some are motivational sayings/funnies, but they will all help you be your best self on the mission – physically speaking that is. One of my fav sayings is: Sweat for 1 hour or be dead for 24. Seriously, exercise is a very important part of the equation to becoming a stellar missionary. Nuff said.

WORKOUTS – get em here.


YOU MAY  cut them out and put them in a lovely little notebook like I did here

photo 1

and sort them…my categories are 1. upper body, 2. core, 3. lower body, 4. whole body/cardio, & 5. yoga/stretching.

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I am so stoked to use these bad boys on the mish. And and and, and then!.. for many more years to come………..


How & What to Pack on Your Mission

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Here’s an as-complete-as-I-could-get-it packing list for all us sister missionaries! I looked at all the other sample packing lists I could find, combined them, and added everything in my suitcase that wasn’t already on the list. I hope this helps! click the following link for a printable of the checklist

Complete Sister Missionary Packing List

Sister Missionary Packing List


          2 suitcases (62 dimensional inches, 50 lbs max)

1 carry-on suitcase (45 dimensional inches, weight varies), or a duffel bag (good for splits            in the field)

         Space/vacuum storage bags

          Luggage Tags (Deseret Book has some cute sister missionary ones)

          A larger cross-body purse for tracting/everyday

          A smaller bag for P-day/service

          $200 for possible additional expenses at airport

          Quarters for calling at airport

          Passport holder (waist) {Check with your mission, they may keep your passport in the office. If that is the case, you really don’t need to spend money on this}



          Photo Identification (in hand)

          Immunizations Record (in hand)

          Passport (in hand, unless already at MTC)

          Visa (in hand, unless already at MTC)

          Temple recommend

          Four-generation pedigree chart

          Copy of patriarchal blessing

          Copy of call

          Sm photo album with pictures of your baptism, family, friends, temple etc.

          $ for additional expenses, i.e. $20.00 to purchase a pillow and blanket/comforter when arriving

          Health insurance info

          Own bedding and sheets unless you wanna use the ones from the last elders that stayed there…

          Febreeze or something to unstink the place

          Shower bag/caddy (you can buy shampoo & conditioner etc. there)

          Shower shoes

          Lanyard (w/ pull out string)

          Snacks! (also, leave a list w/ your mom of your favorites)

          Reusable water bottle


          Scripture case/bag

          Scriptures-in your native language, they give you your new language ones at the MTC



          Colored Pencils


          Permanent markers

          3×5 cards

          Sticky notes

          Study Journal

          Little notebook for language study and remembering words and phrases

          Another misc notebook

          Accordion file for letters, cards, talks, spiritual thoughts, etc.


          Hand Sanitizer

          Travel size Kleenex

          Small lotion

          Mini hymn book

          Mini Preach My Gospel (w/ cover or front and back laminated)

          Plan of Salvation diagram in mission language

          The Missionary Library

True to the Faith

Our Search for Happiness

Our Heritage

Jesus the Christ



Everyday Wash and Wear (get a list of where to shop here

          10-12 shirts

          8-10 skirts

          2-4 dresses

          3-5 Cardigans

          1-2 blazers

          5-6 t-shirts for bed, exercise, and service

          3-4 bottoms for bed and exercise

          1-2 good jeans for service

          1 robe

          Temple suitcase *if your mission has a temple and if that temple does not rent out clothes

For Cold Missions

          Good coat

          Jacket or peacoat

          1-2 raincoats

          4-5 sweaters and heavier cardigans

          Winter Hat

          3-5 Scarves



          Running head band

          3 Cotton leggings

          3 Fleece lined tights

          3 Wool socks


          2-3 boot socks

Replace some of the skirts with wool and thick skirts that will repel snow and rain

Replace some t-shirts with hoodies or sweatshirts


          10-15 pairs of garments

          5-6 white or nude bras

          4-5 sports bras

          4-5 pairs of underwear for… that time of the month (and yes it’s ok to wear them during that time as long as you still wear your garments over them. I asked the temple worker :D)

          3 slips (white, black, tan)

          3-5 undershirts/halftees

          Spandex shorts for riding bikes

          2-3 pairs of tights


          2-3 proselyting shoes-sturdy, waterproof, and long lasting

          Rain boots, if needed

          1 pair of tennis shoes for exercise and service

          1-3 Sunday shoes

          1-2 shower shoes

          1 pair of slippers

          10 pairs of ped socks

          5 pair of regular socks

          Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts!!


          3-5 Belts

          5-6 headscarves and headbands


          2-3 small leather watches & batteries

          6-8 necklaces in all colors and styles (including your YW medallion 🙂



          CTR ring and a few other small rings

          Little roll up flat jewelry holder with lots of pockets



          2 micro-fiber bath towels Or 2 regular towels (microfiber=thin and light for packing but absorb better than normal towels (Deseret Book/Bed Bath and Beyond)

          2 hand towels

          1 face towel

          1-2 wash cloths

          Feminine supplies (possibly enough for 18 months if serving foreign)

          Handheld mirror


          Face wash

          Face lotion (if this makes your face shiny/if going somewhere humid, put on before bed)

          Oil blotting sheets (esp. for tropical places)






          Eyelash curler

          Eye shadow


          Chap stick

          Lip Gloss

          Makeup brushes

          Makeup sponges

          Makeup mist and set if going somewhere humid


          Big makeup bag and a small makeup bag (big-leave home, small-bring with you for the day)


          Toothbrush (w/ holder)






          Soap in container

          Body Wash

          Razors w/ refills

          Shaving cream


          Febreeze (in hot climates, won’t get sticky like perfume and will better mask BO from sweating)

          Deodorant (if you’re going to be sweating a lot-use men’s, it’s the same just stronger. Also, put it on before bed to let the salts and stuff work while your sleeping)

          Body Lotion

          Hand Sanitizer


          Hair spray

          Moose &/or gel

          Hair brush, comb, and pick

          Hair ties

          Bobby pins



          Mini blow dryer

          Curling iron


          Shower cap

          Hair style book




          Cuticle trimmers

          Clear nail polish

          And a few cute colors

          Nail polish remover (I get the ready-to-go pads so you don’t have to worry about cotton balls and remover)

FIRST AID                                                                                                                                                                                                              

          Prescription medications





          Midol (enough for 18 months if serving foreign)




          Cold medicine (Dayquil)

          Throat Spray

          Cough drops

          Aloe vera


          Antifungal cream


          Rice bag to heat up

          Instant ice compress


          Antibiotic ointment





          Diabetic Medical ID bracelet, if needed



          Small Sewing Kit


          2 sets of eye glasses (cases and cloth to clean glasses)

          Prescription for eye glasses

          Laundry Bag

          Tide TO GO pens

          Lint roller

          Gallon zip lock bags, sandwich baggies, a few garbage bags

          Clothes hangers

          Small Flashlight / Headlamp

          Book light

          Alarm clock with no radio

          Mini handheld/necklace fan &/or neck coolers

          GPS Device?


          Plug international converter thing, if needed



          Workout Book

          Recipe book

          Duct tape

          Gorilla Glue


          A 3×5 card with loved ones birthdays and other important dates to remember


          Command strips/putty (that won’t leave marks on walls) to hang stuff up!


          2 flat twin sheets

          2 fitted sheets

          2 pillow cases

          Blanket or Comforter

          Small travel pillow

          Dryer sheets or peppermint essential oil (keeps bugs away when put on/under bed posts)

Protection from the elements


          Insect Repellent (contains DEET, 20%-35%)

          Insect repellent arm bands (can put anywhere)

          Sunscreen 45 SPF or higher

          Sunscreen stick


          Extra SD cards


          Camera case

          Two flash drives so you have backup copies of pictures in case your camera gets stolen


          IPod, MP3, or USB with church music

          IPod charger


          Sheet music for any instrument you play


          Address book


          Lined letter paper pads


          Mailing address labels






Hermana Weller. http://hermanaweller.blogspot.com/2013/06/my-complete-sister-missionary-packing.html

Sister Donohue. http://zackarlie.blogspot.com/2013/10/sister-missionary-packing-list.html

Tips for Sister Missionaries Blogspot. http://tipsforsistermissionaries.blogspot.com/p/sample-packing-list.html

Sister Brennan. http://gospelgirlrm.blogspot.com/2013/07/10-things-you-wish-you-would-have.html

Sister Dunne. http://hermanadunne.wordpress.com/2013/10/09/sister-missionary-checklist-with-printable-versions/




Aaaaand here are the best packing tips I’ve found so far to help maximize space, ease, and efficiency.

Pretty much, there are three ways to pack clothes: rolled, flat, or bundled (#1-4)…


a) 9c4d7f84a23658d61473902a283b6c5b      b) e55a22f26456eb3ab100e900850aae99

1. a) THIS is the absolute best way to roll t-shirts. While b), The Duds.com, This is probably my favorite post for packing tips. This post features the rolling technique-rolling all your clothes sleeping-bag style to maximize space and prevent wrinkles.



2.  From One Good Thing by Jilleethis is my other favorite post. Instead of rolling, she says to lay everything as flat as possible. This way you can layer and layer and layer and have room on top to put shoes and makeup etc. I also like the use of space in between bars as shown in the picture above.



3.  To go along with laying it all in flat, use this tip and just bag 7-12 clothes straight from your closet.



4. Try the bundling technique shown above.



5.  Also, try using those space vacuum bags you can get pretty much everywhere (I got mine at WalMart and Dollar Tree).



6.  From Real Simple, this one’s actually as good if not better than my previous favorites because it’s so good. Keep following the slideshow dealio, it covers everything.



7.  From Real Simple.com again, here’s 8 steps to a perfectly packed suitcase. I especially like #6 – place a dry cleaning bag between each layer of clothing to prevent wrinkles and, to get a certain layer up easily, just pull the ends of the bag up on either side.



8.  The Chic Geek says to lie shirts on top of each other and then fold them arms in and roll the body up towards the neck to save space and prevent creases.

I’m thinking you could also do this by outfit. Roll a skirt and shirt together and just unpack       outfit by outfit.

You could also put outfits in Ziploc baggies. thinkin out loud here…



9.  OK, another one from Real Simple. These guys are bomb. I like tip #4: Drape longer pieces like pants and skirts. Fold longer items in half, filling the length of the bag with them, alternating waists with hems at the ends. Tip: Pick bulkier items to wear on the plane so they don’t take up precious luggage space.



10.  Click here to see a flight attendant shows you how to pack 10 days worth of clothes in a carry-on.


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11. Straight from Prepare to Serve.com, here’s some really good tips for packing a carry-on.



12. Click here for “Top 10 Tips for Packing Luggage”.


a) necklace-organizerhow-to-travel-with-necklaces     b) 7b84ead49da4f74bb924af0af3c78c66

c) bc844a05f28225f5de1f5263e44458f3     d) 78faeeaadbc05bb53157c1fe6563969d

13.  Last but not least, a few little lovely tips. a) use a place mat and a ribbon to roll up some necklaces. b) pack your jewelry in a hard sunglasses case (or two). c) store rings and earrings in a pill box. d) use buttons to keep your earrings together.


Hope this helps. Good luck packing!!!

Pre-Addressed Envelopes & Ready-Made Return Address Labels

photo 2 (3).JPGI don’t want to fall off the face of the earth to half my family and friends when I leave on my mission. I want to write them cause, well, that’d be cool. And even though it may be harder, hand written letters are cooler than emails. There, I said it.

But, I’m the type of person that sometimes lacks initiative. And I would like to be as prepared as I can, even if it’s silly.

So, solution to both of these.


Pre-Addressed Envelopes

You are welcome Robert J. DeBry for the free advertising.

I just took a box of envelopes and addressed them to everyone I want to write while I’m gone (and didn’t even get to everyone yet!) Cause, let’s face it, when you already have a pre-made envelope, it’s just that much easier.

I also took a 3×5 card and wrote birthdays on there so I can remind myself to remind other people when they are another year older. So there are multiple envelopes addressed to the same person.

ALSO, you can print return address labels for those lovely envelopes. Vistaprint  offers lots and lots of designs for around $5 (also makes any other kind of sticker you want to make for $3:), or you can make them yourself. Buy Avery labels at Walmart or wherever you want, download a template from here and print them off right at home!!

You know I’ve thought of pretty much everything when it gets down to this.

This whole thing is way too simple to talk about anymore. Tot ziens.

88 Tips & Tricks for Doing Your Hair on Your Mission + free download

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Anyone else looking forward to limited time to do something cute, socially/personally acceptable, and appropriate to your hair everyday? (Especially if you’re going somewhere hot and humid like me?) Uh, no.

Simple + pretty updo tutorial

Have no fear, the hair queen is here. Actually I’m not a hair queen, I just said that because it rhymed. Really I’m just a regular ol’ gal: I can do my hair but don’t expect to look like I just finished up my Vogue shot everyday (I just do that on the weekends). There I go, lying again. Bad habit.

But who wants to spend forever on their hair in the mornings? Not me, and definitely not when I have souls to get out and save.

Hence, 88 tips and tricks for cute hairdos (including some fun accessories and hair treatments) all nice and tidied up in printable format, with pictures of course. No more worrying about that hair!!!!!! (Praise the real hair queen, wherever she may be.)

88 Tips & Tricks for Doing Your Hair on Your Mission

Then, then, then, you can print them off and cut them out and put them in a little notebook like me, all sectionalized for easy flipping and everything, or do whatever!

photo 1 (1)                       photo 2 (2)

Just be inspired by the lovely source I call Pinterest and all the new ideas you now have in your brainy brain brain.

Follow my hair board on Pinterest for more ideas!

Where to Shop as a Sister Missionary

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Let’s kick it.

Alright, lesss be honest. The first thing you thought after the initial shock of your call was “WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO WEAR?” It’s okay, I know the feelings. (Funny, I didn’t mean to put the s at the end of feeling, but I think I’ll leave it there).

Well, I’ve learned way too much about clothes to fit it all in one post. Our poor fingers can only scroll down so much. So, I’ll break it up for ya.

First of all, sister missionaries really don’t look like this:

I seriously google imaged "sister missionary" and this is what it came up with. too good, too good

I seriously google imaged “sister missionary” and this is what it came up with. too good, too good


don't ask

don’t ask


no this is not me

no this is not me


source: missionary.lds.org

source: missionary.lds.org


source: sistermissionarymallcom

source: sistermissionarymall.com


That’s this ladies and gents. Well, probably just ladies. HERE is a swanky, full, comprehensive, and a complete-to-my-{extensive}-knowledge list of places to shop (downloadable one at the bottom). Yes, there are this many places to get appropriate and stankin cute sis mish clothes. Now tell me to shh and get on with it already…




Everything listed sells at a decent price { shirts $12-$40, skirts $25-$60, dresses $30-$65} unless otherwise noted.

Listed semi in order from my personal favorite to least (but I like them all or they wouldn’t be on here!!)



  • Asos – it’s sayin sumthin if this is the first one that comes to mind-yeah it’s that darn good. Perfect skirts and dresses galore.
  • Dorothy Perkins- shirts shirts and shirts. that’s all. Well that’s not all but that’s what I like most about them.
  • Modcloth – great for shirts, skirts, shoes, possibly dresses.
  • Sorella Bella (sistermissionaryclothes.com) – Designed just for sister missionaries! They have halftees, REVERSIBLE SKIRTS, split slips, microfiber towels, water bottle filters, bike light, stickers; need I say more. Check it out.
  • Jen Clothing* – LDS owned. Even has a special section for us missionaries. Email them and ask if they do a discount for sister missionaries, cause I’m pretty sure they do. I just placed my order before I knew itL
  • Modest Pop* – blah! (that was a good blah) So cute. AND they have this super sweet t-shirt that says ‘go & do’ and you should probably just go & do and get one already. 15% discount for missionaries.
  • Lularoe – Way cute skirts and dresses.
  • Winsome Jones – cute everything. FYI, I couldn’t find a size chart online so I emailed and asked; they said a S is 0-4, M is 4-6, L is 6-10, XL is 10-12. If you have a question on a specific item email them and they will help youJ
  • Mode-sty – shirts and skirts all modest. Not that the title implied that one or anything.
  • Modest Closet – smaller selection but, as always, cute cute
  • Sammy Dress – China wholesale. Hit & miss but great for everything, especially jewelry. very cheap prices.
  • Shabby Apple – little pricey, didn’t get anything from here personally but definitely looked at it. Cute everythings.
  • Etsy – search midi skirts. Works wonders.
  • Eshakti – tailoring. the end.
  • Bohme – some duper cute stuff. Found one of my fav shirts there-a short-sleeved chambray. If you know what im talkin bout, you know what im talkin bout, and you’d kill for that shirt too, except for it’s against the commandments.
  • Chic Wish – hit and miss, but some way cute skirts
  • New Look – skirts and dresses
  • Sheinside – skirts, shirts, dresses, very cheap
  • Dress Corrilyn– pricier and smaller selection but oh so cute
  • L.L. Bean – shirts-sporty ones without the super casual look for hot climates.
  • Land’s End – skirts
  • EBay – endless possibilities
  • Amazon – see EBay
  • Delia’s –  didn’t find a ton of things, but, if you’re like me, it’s worth a try
  • Zappos – cheap prices on name brands. Huge selection
  • 6 pm – see Zappos
  • Overstock – huge selection, cheap
  • Express – all the likes. Little pricier.
  • Ezibuy – hit and miss, cheap


Online and In Person

  • Sister Missionary Mall – don’t put it off cause you think they won’t have cute stuff there- they do, amazingly so. Like, go there first. Good shoes too (minus the typical sister missionary ones).
  • Mikarose* – thumbs up for everything sister missionary, will also give you a 15% discount.
  • H&M – pretty much love this place. Skirts, shirts, accessories, and shoes
  • Old Navy – shirts
  • My Sister’s Closet – definitely one of my go to’s. Maybe because it fulfills a small part of the hole in my heart I have from having no sisters but hey…it’s all the same. And I love my brothers, just not their clothes.
  • DownEast Basics – do I need to explain this one? Typical Utah store, has everything.
  • Cherry Lane Boutique* – cute! That is all.
  • Latter Day Sister Missionary – REVERSIBLE SKIRTS $43-$67, customizable on site. Uh, killer deal.
  • Anthropologie – super pricey but so dang cute
  • J. Crew – same as Anthropologie. Why oh why retailer gods??
  • Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack – this is my review. If you’re reading it, good on you, cause I’ve done enough writing for one day and you’ve probably done enough reading. Get shopping!!
  • Gap – pricy, but cute
  • Ruche, Forever 21, Papaya, Charlotte Russe, Rue 21 – hit and miss, but some dang good finds
  • Sexy Modest Boutique – don’t judge a store buy its name. Good on everything.
  • Walmart – yup, I said it. But their Bella Bird clothing line isn’t too shabby.
  • Kohls – expect great things. Jk that’s just their slogan. Never know though, you could make them live up to it.
  • Dillards – do I need to explain?
  • Shopko – see above
  • Target –  see above
  • Macys – see above
  • JCPenneys – see above


In Person

  • Cozy Fashion – super cute everything. Cardigans in all colors
  • Lemon Ice – some KILLER skirts. got two of my favs here
  • Urban Trends – tute = totally cute.
  • Plato’s Closet – gently used, discounted items. Worth it.
  • Your closet – well let’s hope its pretty much all mission appropriate.
  • Your friends closet – just blame it on their little sister. Or your other friend. Or, I guess, ctr
  • Your grandma’s closet – hey, it doesn’t hurt to try.
  • $20 in yo pocket? – thrift stores (Goodwill, DI). But seriously, good finds here.
  • Also, Ross, TJ Maxx,- Good deals. I got shirts and a pair of shoes from Ross and shoes and good p-day/exercise wear from TJ Maxx, sign up for TJ Maxx’s rewards card, save a bunch of money on your first purchase, then call and cancel the card. Worth it to me haha. Also the checkout lady was very convincing.


*these stores carry some similar/identical items, so find the one with the best price (remember discounts)!



click above to download a Word version of this document!

If you have any other places you have been, comment!! Thank you kindly.