The Top 4 Most Important Things You Can do to Prepare for a Mission


Any successful missionary wants to learn as much as he/she can before heading out into the field.

Some questions I have heard being asked are:

How do I prepare for a mission?

Where do I start?

What should I focus most on?

How will I know when I am ready?

You probably have asked one or all (or more!) of these questions (if you have more questions, please comment down below!) So let’s talk about them!!! Continue reading


101 Valued Verses for Missionaries

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I never realized how many wonderful scriptures there are that talk about our calling as missionaries of God. So I decided to make a list of them for you!! I seriously had 200 before I narrowed it down to 101. So let’s get to it. These are all such great scriptures and I hope you enjoy them!!!

101 Valued Verses for Missionaries

Or here is a smaller version that you could fit in your scriptures!

Sm 101 Valued Verses for Missionaries

What are your favorite missionary scriptures?


Source: Shauna Humphries 100 Favorite Verses for Missionaries